Omens -

Almost any occurrence can be interpreted as an omen. The usual omen was a natural phenomenon, such as a meteor, an eclipse, or the flight of birds.

Among the Greek and Romans the interpretation of omens was a major part of religious life and required trained priests, such as the Roman augur, to explain the meaning of the signs.

Belief in omens still survives in superstitions, such as black cats, nightmares, unlucky days, and the breaking of mirrors.

Bird Droppings
Birds droppings seen on our cars and alike, is believed to be a very lucky omen. If it is seen first thing in the morning, we ill be lucky for the whole day, any later in our day, our luck will begin from then. If it is seen by us on the way to signing a deal, a deal will be reached, nd all parties will be satisfied with the outcome.

Clothing inside out
If we accidentally put our clothing on inside out, it is believed that it is an omen of good luck. However, if we then turn our clothing the right way, our good luck will also be gone

The Dove is seen as a omen of peace and is regarded as a Sacred bird, .It is known as the only bird that the devil cannot turn himself into. It is also known as the messenger of Venus, and as the bringer of the first vegetation (olive branch) to Noah after the deluge had taken place. According to Indian tradition, the Dove is said to contain the soul of a lover, and to kill one will bring much misfortune to the killer.

According to superstition if a woman is seen with the hem of her dress down, it is a omen that she is single and looking for a partner. Where if the hem is seen turned up, she will soon be receiving a new and similar garment.

Horse Punting
Many horse-punters play on their own hunches when placing their bets, some may follow riders, some may follow horses, some may even place bets according to the colors that a jockey maybe wearing.
However, if they have trouble playing on hunches, it is believed that if they place a bet on number 9, it will be a safe bet.

Medicine-Spilling of
In Japanese superstition it is believed, that if a medicine cup or glass should accidentally fall and any medicine is to spill, it is an omen that the patient will have a speedy recovery.